Who does green supply deliver to?

We are the established supplier for many landscape contractors, garden and landscape architects, cities and municipalities and many more organizations that need plants and trees. Over time, we usually become the established supplier for our customers. (1 Supplier offers many advantages; one contact, simplified administration and most important; you will cut down on the phone calls and the kilometres you drive around collecting plants).

What can green supply offer that another nursery cannot?

We are proud to say that our added value lies in our outstanding knowledge of plants and trees. We have more than 300 suppliers in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany, from whom we select the top products to match your needs. We can offer you any plant in any quantity with one mouse click. Our deliveries are punctual and cared for in an exceptional way; and we communicate with our customers at any time.

Can i make inquiries about plants that are difficult to find?

We can offer about 50.000 different articles. It’s obvious that Lavandula or Lonicera nitida are easier to find than a roof shaped Liquidambar styraciflua girth size 20/25 Std, or pleached Tilia girth size 18/20 Std, container grown. For us, it makes no difference, we search until we find what you need.

What is the average delivery time?

We need 4-5 days for planting lists with different species and sizes. We can deliver faster or plants can be collected at our nursery on request, this mostly applies for smaller orders or large quantities of one species.

Can we make reservations on specific plants?

It is possible to reserve plants during summer already or some weeks prior to planting. For us too, it is easier to organize your order when we know in advance what you need at what time. When we know in advance, we can make reservations ourselves and call of the plants from our suppliers in time. Projects involving many trees are already negotiated and tagged out in the nurseries during summer to make sure that the right species will be delivered to your site.

Can we expect to be advised on species we don’t have in depth knowledge of?

We like to keep you updated on novelties by means of our newsletter, which is being distributed to over 2.000 professionals already. Difficult cultivars and species are “translated” into availabilities on the market (for instance; wrongly spelled names or English given names) or we can always advise you on better alternatives with better qualities.

How do i make orders? by e-mail, fax or by phone?

It is always possible to inquire for prices or to order plants by fax, e-mail or via our website.

How can we be sure about the quality of delivered plants when we haven’t seen them in advance?

Well, we can only guarantee that delivered plants meet the strict specifications. For delicate plants we send you a picture prior to the delivery. We rarely get plants returned to us. Quality control is key in the customer – supplier relationship.

Can we pick up plants from green supply?

Of course plants can be picked up from our premises. Especially for smaller and urgent deliveries this can be very useful. Please come and collect your plants during opening hours.

Are there plants for rent?

Plants cannot be rented.

Will packaging be charged for?

Empties will ALWAYS be invoiced. Credit notes will be given when the empty packaging is returned neatly and in good condition.

For cities and municipalities, the above does not apply, empties are kept in a separate administration.

Are there special discounts for large(r) quantities?

Prices can always be discussed. For larger quantities and large projects, we can make a customized offer to come to the best possible deal.

Can we bring customers with us to gistel?

You can always bring your customers to choose plants together, but under no circumstances can private persons come to us to collect plants. Also, no delivery note with prices is given when delivered on site.

Are prices fixed all year round?

Prices are established around September, quotes are valid for 30 days. Prices are always subject to changes according to availability and market prices.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

1 plant or 100.000 plants; it makes no difference in our work-flow. Please do keep in mind that for free deliveries a minimum purchase is required. If you have a question about transport costs, please contact us at sales@greensupply.be.

Do you have everything in stock

Stock is deliberately kept to a minimum. Every day, our trucks are going around to collect plants. This workflow gives us the ability to deliver fresh plants at any time. What we have here in stock are larger solitaries and common products for everyday orders (e.g. ground covers, boxwood balls, etc.)

Do you also design gardens?

We don’t have a design or construction department. Supplying your plants is our only mission. If you like, we can get you into contact with specialized companies.

Do you have a sales period?

There is always the opportunity to obtain special conditions for our end of season stock (from June to September). At that time stocks are cleared for the next season.

Payment conditions?

First-time customers are asked for cash payment, otherwise a 30-day period applies.

Do we only sell living stock or also other products?

We do sell potting soil, tree poles, ground cloth, turf and pine-bark but we are, however, specialists in living plants.

Are you open on saturdays?

See opening hours.