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Green Supply is a dedicated partner for professional landscapers and specializes in well-managed deliveries of high-quality plants and trees.

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Your perfect partner

  • One supplier for all your plants

    Together with our growers, we turn your planting list into a perfect delivery. 

  • Good quality at favourable prices

    Excellent quality at a fair price!

  • Huge range from over 100 nurseries

    Over 16,000 different plants in different sizes; check out the standard range in our catalogue. On, you can consult a very extensive photo database with specific groups of extra-quality garden plants.

  • Happy customers


  • Landscapers

    Landscapers Landscapers

    For each project, however small or large, we always achieve the desired result through tree nursery visits, pictures and customized quotations.

  • Garden contractors

    Garden contractors Garden contractors

    Garden contractors particularly appreciate the comfort of smooth deliveries, quick quotations with multiple choice options and the reassurance that everything is always in order, project after project.

  • Public green spaces

    Public green spaces Public green spaces

    When it comes to public green, we not only have a commercial role but also an advisory one and we strive for optimal results of plantings and projects. Sustainable green starts with Green Supply.

Product Range

Browse through these pictures and experience our excellence.

Delivery time !

"Customized deliveries ensure a result with added value."

Christobald Poncelet, Jardin & Paysage

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"Transparent communication and flexibility are important assets for a good supplier."

Stijn Phlypo, Tuindesign

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"During overall projects, a good supplier stands for maximum efficiency, site after site."

Bart Monbaliu, tuinonderneming Monbaliu bvba

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"As a plant lover I like to be kept informed of improvements in the product range.  Thanks to Green Supply's mailings, I am always aware of the latest updates." 

Carl Vulsteke, Vulsteke tuinen bvba

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"The planting must always be good; the absence of complaints and returns significantly decreases my stress levels."

Francis Van de Cotte Tuinen

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"A heavy workload asks for a supplier who is very flexible and cooperative.  Green Supply delivers on its promises."

Tom Van den Broucke, Plan-t

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"Quick quotations with multiple choice options ensure that we are granted more projects."

Olivier Van Parys, Linea Hortus bvba

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"Being able to transform abstract questions from customers into specific deliveries is fun !"

David Leneer, Leneer Tuinen bvba

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"Even in the busy planting season I can count on punctual and complete deliveries.  This enures continuity on different sites at the same time !"

Pieter-Jan Bullynck, Insight Outside bvba

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"Could it be, one supplier who can supply all kinds of high-quality planting? My answer is a resounding : YES!"

Gerdy Verstraete, Tuinen Verstraete bvba

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"Customers who want fast results are easy to help now. For larger sizes as well I can rely on Green Supply."

Manu D'Haenen

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