Prices empties

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72.50 € Danish trolley 72.50 €
10.50 € Shelf for Danish trolley 10.50 €
22.00 € Pallet box 20.00 €
6.50 € Pallet 5.50 €
12.50 € Euro pallet 11.00 €
150 € Ferrous iron pallet 150 €
2.5 € Black plastic tray – low 2.5 €
3.25 € Black plastic tray – high 3.25 €

For the use of empties made of wood, a wear and operating cost shall be charged on the invoice (i.e. box 2 euros, pallet 1 euro, Euro pallet 1.5 euros).

  • Every year, on 30 June, we perform a seasonal closure of the empties. Only the empties that have been returned before that date are credited, outstanding balances will not be reimbursed.
  • The correct balance of the empties can always be consulted by sending an email
  • Empties that are wrongly returned (no property of Green Supply) will not be reimbursed.
  • Empties are not collected separately, except in case of really large volumes or in combination with order/delivery. Check
  • Only clean empties may be taken back. This means, no plastic, pots and other dirt.
  • For collection, the empties must be placed on piles and sorted (pallets on a pile, boxes put together in groups of three, boxes on pallets, etc.) and centralized in one place. The drivers will not take empties that have not been sorted in advance.
  • Broken empties: a pallet box is broken when more than 2 bars or blocks are broken, a pallet is broken as soon as 1 bar and/or 1 block are broken. Both are non-refundable. Should you have comments or questions about what the driver writes on your empties form, please ask the driver immediately.
  • Always ask an empties form from our drivers! Crediting of empties is only performed on the basis of these forms.