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one good supplier for all your plants. Exceptional quality for reasonable prices

Since 2008 already, Green Supply has been supplying landscaping contractors at an above-average level. We are rather a partner than a supplier, which is reflected in a very close cooperation.

The whole package.

We specialised over the years in trees, multistemmed trees, hedging plants and bigger specimen trees

We supply all the best plants from selected nurseries throughout Europe. 

Quotations are delivered very professionally both in a pdf and Excel format, with photo"s if you so request. We also like to give you multiple choice options to help you make the right choices within your budget.


Green Supply is committed to make your business more enjoyable: we take away your worries regarding the purchase of plants which means you now can gear up your business instead.

Let us collect and look for the best quality. 


“One of Green Supply’s nicest aspects is that customers grow along with our company. Our goal is more or less that our partners become ‘addicted’ to our way of working.

In the past, many garden contractors were solely responsible for the supply of plants: search, collect, distribute, etc. Thanks to Green Supply, these costs and delays are converted into invoices for extra projects.

That is not all. The jumble of administration, sending people out to collect plants throughout Europe, the discomfort if the delivery is unsatisfactory or incomplete, etc. now belong to the past too.

We gladly accept the challenge to meet your high expectations. Our team is ready!”

Pieter Schollaert,
CEO and process manager

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