Throughout the years, Green Supply has made its mark as the ultimate supplier of green for all gardening projects. We feel it is our job as well to keep you informed of what products are available.

The offer is extensive, which is why we have chosen to launch a second website on which we offer specific batches of plants, with pictures and a basic description of the size.

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The benefits of

  • Specific offer of solitary plants, trees, hedging and bedding plants.
  • Source of inspiration, you can take a look at/try other things.
  • Design on the basis of this offer list, so you know what will be in the garden and get the desired result.
  • Pictures available for your customers, pricing can be done quickly.
  • All offered plants are plants we have seen ourselves and can be delivered at short notice.
  • Prices always at request, depending on availability, quantity and transport.
  • Create a hyperlink in your toolbar and save time with us as your permanent partner for all your green.

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For the regular product range: see catalogue.

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